The ACS Regional Industrial Innovation Awards

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The ACS Regional Industrial Innovation Awards are sponsored by the Northeast Region, ACS (NeRACS) and celebrates the successful innovations of industrial chemists and chemical engineers that contribute to the health of their local and regional economy and the corporate leadership for its advancement of a healthy economy. These awards are given to individuals or individual teams whose creative innovations have contributed to the commercial success of their company and, consequently, to the good of the community and society.

Why place a nomination?

  • To recognize industrial researchers for their creative and valuable contributions
  • To promote the importance of the chemical profession and the support of corporate leadership in advancing science
  • To enhance the company’s public image by promoting awareness about good science and successful commercialization
  • To showcase the advances of industrial companies within your region
  • To develop lasting goodwill in the community and higher employee morale within the company

Who is eligible?

Nominees must be chemical professionals who are ACS members. For team nominations, only one member needs to be an ACS member. Those who are not ACS members, but are employed by an ACS Corporation Associates member company, qualify for nomination.

The procedure


How to place a nomination

Any ACS member may submit a nomination for eligible chemists, chemical engineers or other chemical professionals. Management approval is required. A completed nomination form must be used. A biographical sketch of the nominee(s) is required.

A letter of not more than 1,000 words containing an evaluation of the nominee's accomplishments, description of the invention or innovation, listing of relevant patents, publications, or reports are to accompany the nomination form. The package of materials must be received on or before the deadline.

The awards event

The award presentation is held during the upcoming ACS Northeast Regional Meeting. Honoree(s) are expected to present a 20-minute talk on their innovation at a special symposium Honoree(s) are formally recognized and presented with an official ACS plaque. This event presents a wonderful opportunity for one to view the world of industrial research and development. Networking is another important opportunity of the event and key to one’s professional development. You will have the unique opportunity to interact with ACS governance, corporate leadership, industrial chemists, and leaders from academe.

IMPORTANT: There is a requirement that we must receive two (2) separate nominations in order for the award to be judged and presented.